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Thursday, September 16, 2010

God on board!

I was just my usual self when the woman in front of me started blurting "Handa na ba kayo sa pangalawang pagdating ng ating diyos?" The scene was not uncommon. The 'diyos' word was a clue for most of us in the jeep to ignore the woman whom we know was to go on forever about 'life after death' and 'salvation.' The woman who appeared normal continued.

"Hindi lamang ang diyos ama, anak at ispiritu ang tutulong sa atin. Ang pang-apat na banal na katauhan ang s'yang tutulong sa atin - Si diyos ina!"

Now the holy trinity has a new fourth member! I had the misfortune of sitting directly in front of her. Establishing eye contact was avoided yet there was no way to avoid her preaching. I did not have my headset with me then. I knew that most kept an ear for her lecture but did not show it. Everybody in the jeep knew where this was heading - an envelope for her good news. But we were wrong! She instead offered her pamphlets and other reading materials to the indifferent. She stepped down with her materials in their original number.

I think it's funny how, once in a while, God reminds us of His presence. I am happy I am reminded. I am equally grateful for the churches that the jeeps pass through, for without them, I won't be seeing good Christians doing the sign of the cross; it's through them and their gesture that I am often reminded that there is a God with us in our commute.


  1. wow, I hope the rest of your co-commuters realized the same thing. =)

  2. This is by far better than what I experienced where a chubby lola boarded the jeepney and started begging for alms. She happened to be seated next to me. When I wouldn't give her anything and another person got in, she even commanded me to move so that the new comer could sit beside her. I was just too glad to oblige.


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