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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ode to my Nokia Phone

All pictures appearing before this post were taken using my handy Nokia E63. My Nokia phone has accompanied me to all trips I took and to all places I commuted to. Our relationship has officially come to an end with the arrival of LG. My Nokia phone has served me well, documenting my life's little adventures and aiding me in this endeavor called blogging. I am retiring my Nokia phone because it is starting to die on me. It is understandable; after all, it has been with me for close to five years. But let me share with you some never-before posted pictures.

My Nokia E61, my blogging companion since I started blogging. This picture is taken using my new phone.
Whether it is taking India's most famous monument or its snake charmers, my phone has been a very handy companion.

Taj Mahal

Snake charmer

New Delhi Airport

Taj Mahal up close

Classical Indian dance
 Below is a shot of a homeless man in Singapore! I never thought Singapore would have one. Well, Nokia phone has proof!

Singapore and its single homeless person (see preceding picture)

Ninoy Aquino Airport

New Delhi's premier attraction

Lotus Temple in India

Manila City Post Office
Sale at a Manila mall

View of Metro Manila skyline taken the rooftop/helipad of the DFA Building

Pedestrian Crossing

"Family Car"

It's more fun commuting in the Philippines!

There are more photos taken by my Nokia E63 that have not been used. It is not a total divorce, I am telling you. I guess, like everything else, there should be an upgraded option.

My Nokia phone has a two-megapixel camera. My new phone hass five. I hope that I could get better pictures with it this time, in the same way my Nokia phone did.