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The photos which I took myself are random images of commuting and life. Enjoy the ride!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wet pose!

I came to the office one morning in wet shoes and hence wet socks. Awful. Good that I have got a cubicle to hide my feet after removing my shoes and socks to let everything dry. But there was no way to stay barefooted all day. I was not going to buy a new pair of shoes, but I had to buy new socks, at least. 

Barefooted at the office
It's the rainy season again. I don't enjoy commuting in the rain, really, but I gotta do what I gotta do.

In one of my recent commutes, I had to go to Alabang. It was raining, and I hopped on the first Alabang-bound bus I saw, which was a 'Southmall' bus. That will do, I told myself. 

Upon entering, I was instructed to leave my umbrella by the driver side. I was hesitant, thinking that someone might take it, but I understood the instruction. I went farther inside the bus sans my umbrella and with no view of whatever was going on at the driver side. It was a one-hour long ride, and my mind was on my umbrella.

When we arrived at SM, I was glad to have my umbrella with me. I was made to think of my distrust for fellow commuters. I was ashamed that I even thought that someone might steal my umbrella; umbrellas during those time were hot commodity, and I had no plans of parting with my umbrella on a rainy day!

Growing up in Zamboanga, a city not part of the typhoon belt, I did not experience having class suspension because of the weather. It was my college education in  Manila  that prepared me to brave the storm of the city. And since I chose to live in our nation's capital, I should not complain; the school kids of Paranaque are not.

Paranaque school kids trying to keep themselves dry

I took this on July 23, 2012. I like her pose.