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Monday, October 17, 2011

Obstacle Course

The school beside my place is on a semestral break. So, for the first time in many months, I see fewer people and no students on the streets every morning. As a result, FX drivers don't get to drop off students by our street, meaning, no ride for waiting passengers! For the limited FX passing our street, my animal instincts are put to use as I fight off other passengers to secure my one square foot of butt space!

Only this time do I engage in a car chase! I, together with many other office people, run towards the empty FX that stops some ten meters from our corner. Every morning for the past few days, I get a twenty-second workout as I rush for that prime spot. A lady in her fifties joins us in that short race. She is not successful all the time, however. It's a funny sight because men and women in their nice office clothes participate in a race; I am not spared. In fact, I relish this morning challenge. I still have my commuter groove on! hehe.

The early morning run is a good way to get my blood pumping, but I would really prefer a different way. My health, I would say, is still in good shape, but I certainly  wouldn't want to be dashing for a ride in my fifties; it's not a good sight. But we do what we must. Work we must, and a whole new obstacle course awaits us until the end of the day.
Random picture. I forgot the story behind this photo. This gave me the creeps when I saw it again.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lessons learned at SM

The crowd by the SM Manila entrance

SM Security is far from relaxed nowadays. It took thirty seconds more than the usual three! The security personnel gained an idea of how a scatter brain of a person I am by inspecting the interior of my bag. He made me open my laptop bag, and he searched the small inside pockets of bag revealing a collection of  unused fast food tissue papers and bus tickets! I can’t blame him really. SM cannot afford another shooting incident. Last month, SM malls had two shooting incidents in separate malls within a period of one week. 

I was sorry to disappoint them that I did not have a gun with me to shoot an invisible lover who had cheated me. I never had a liking for guns, and I don’t have a girlfriend to speak of. I don’t see the need to have those two at this time. Hehe. 

An SM mall on a weekend is a happy place for those who have money to splurge. I, on the other hand, associate SM with responsibilities. I am a frequent user of their Business Center when paying bills. It has become a ritual to directly conduct my regular visit once my ATM card produces those much needed moolah! 

I could have enrolled my monthly obligations with my bank and save myself from going all the way to the mall, but I choose not to. I have always attached the idea of paying bills in person as a mature individual’s doing. I have seen my folks do it, and it seems to be one of the most responsible things an adult person can do; thus, I take the long lines in those payment centers eventhough queuing is something I dislike doing. 

I see my money part from me, and with that parting I understand the nature of money. In the process, I realize that maturity is not all about being a responsible adult, it is also about permanently extricating oneself from a seemingly eternal pitfall one repetitively plunges into.
People waiting the for SM Sucat to open

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy World Teacher's Day!

While waiting for a ride this morning
I have to admit that I felt a sudden pinch somewhere when I received a "Happy Teacher's Day" greeting this morning. The many months of training in my new job has temporarily made me forget that months before the classroom was my workplace, but my present co-workers would often refer to me as the 'teacher' in a batch of diverse occupations. I guess I could not shake off that title, and I am not willing to part with it completely even when I am taking on a new career. Once a teacher, always a teacher they say.

I do miss being a teacher. I miss my former co-teachers. I also miss my nice students.

The teachers who have been part of my life - former teachers,  former co-teachers,  and present teachers - deserve all the gratitude they deserve. Much of what I have achieved in my short life is attributed to the teachers who shaped my life. So, I texted all teachers in my phonebook, with a message saying thanks.  I felt better.

If you can read this post, thank a teacher.
Teacher's Day Morning