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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another feet post

My friend, Roxy, and I disagree on many things, but when she said that it's not nice for women to have ugly feet, I simply had to agree. If some are the 'armpit-kind-of-person', I am the foot-person.

I would highly encourage that all women should bring business to all the manicurists (and pedicurists?) of the world. Regular visits with friends to those feet centers for foot spa treatments and whatnot should be part of every woman's social calendar!

I feel that a woman's feet tell so many things about her. If a girl has ugly feet, she's a &!@;^#%$*  in my list! But later on, I had to make some slight modifications. I no longer looked for pinkish soles, and long and symmetrical toes; I have learned to understand that not all people are blessed! I understand that genetics plays a role in a any person's make-up.

Upon learning about my views on feet, a female friend tried to hide hers from me; she said, "Nahihiya ako. Parang luya and mga daliri ko sa paa." Yes, she was not lying since I saw those ginger-like appendages for myself. I really cannot fault her, and besides, her toes' main purpose was not for show-off, and she would still be a good friend even if she had herself amputated. So, I started having more lenient standards on my idea of a beautiful pair of feet: clean and fungus-free! That's all! I think a lot of other people would share the same view.

In a previous post (see 'feet'), I stressed the importance of feet in my life. Having a pair of feet complements a commuter's life, and it's just fitting that care and attention should be provided to them. How I love it when a pair of oily soft hands rub every muscle of my feet until my feet throb in redness! It's always a treat to see dead and rough skin being scrubbed off! I enjoy seeing my manicurists' able hands working on my cuticles. Then, I would make my cheap slippers look expensive as I wear them. But...just imagine the horror when what I thought to be a rare and uncommon skin rash turned out to be warts, plantar warts at that! I was damned! I never thought that the small thing affecting an unexposed area could cause me great embarrassment! Later on, it was causing me some discomfort. At that point, I realized that walking barefoot in wet areas shared by other people was not a very smart thing to do.

I read up on it to find out two words: Salicylic Acid. I doused my feet to what then I believe was more precious than water. I succeeded! Treating it took months, though.

Now, I'm just happy I've got feet. Now, the people whose feet I admire the most are the ones that walk with me.


  1. Hey, I do walk with you, ain't I? =)

  2. i never really thought of myself as a foot person until i read this post and remembered that time when i made a comment in a freshman english class how i hated people with not-so-pretty feet wearing sandals. it's like how can you show something off that's not really an asset?

    but you're right. sometimes it's just genectics.

    just don't get me going about those people who won't spare ten pesos on acetone and a few cotton balls to get rid of majorly chipped nail polish on her toes. if there's one thing i cannot stand until now, it's that.


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