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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Unrelated pic to the post
I have this undesirable habit which I find difficult to shake off. I tend to eavesdrop on people's conversations heard on jeepneys and FX's especially when I'm not in deep thought; just what am I to do? Just how do you shut your senses out? My nonexistent earphones don't work with the short battery life my three-year old phone has. Even if I look far out, my ears would still be functioning, right? Yes, I don't feel completely guilty. It's simply unavoidable. The riding public should learn to be discreet or else I'd  be writing about them here. hehe.

His phone rang; he picked it up and answered in a courteous manner. He was giving directions. My mind was somewhere far off when I heard him talking of cars, "Yung Fortuner ang gamit n'ya. Ang Hyundai ang dadalhin namin." I took notice of the man on the phone. Does this FX-riding dude own all those cars? Further into the conversation, I heard him talk of an expensive village and driving. I could only give guesses at that point.

What got me to notice him some more was when every time a passenger gets off, he extended his hands to the door as if assisting the alighting person. He did it as if it was the most natural thing to do. I took a closer look at him to validate my assumptions about him. He's a top of his class, I'm sure. He deserves my admiration.

His boss dies. A car is given to him for his service. He finally drives a car he calls his own.

Yes, I daydream, too, to while the time away.

The FX suddenly became quiet. At seven pm, I was nearing home, while the man who was earlier on the phone still had to get some work done.
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Another excuse

Scene at work: Media Briefing at DFA
I tell myself that I'm not to make a habit of having single post per month. Hence, this, my second for the month.

I look back, and I remember how exciting it is to fill every blank page with words and thoughts that I care to write about. I have come to realize also that readership, although desired, is no longer a priority.This blog has become an extension of myself. When I don't put an entry, I feel as if I have forgotten scrubbing my nape! I have known all along the reason for the lack of post, but I don't go on blaming work completely.

The first two months of real government work has been an eye-opening experience. I recognize that I have so much to learn to be at least satisfactory in my work. I am setting a high standard for myself because my work calls for it. I don't wish to divulge an incident, but this one particular made me shake like a leaf at the slightest sound of a certain person's footsteps. I pitied myself that time. It was then I prayed the loudest to take the fear off me. No one deserves to live in fear, and no one deserves to spread it.

Days after that, at the strike of six, I head home, the FX taking me farther from work, a relief from all the horror of work,but the next morning, the same vehicle brings me closer to whom I was avoiding at work. But did I dread going to work? No, I like what I am doing. My purpose of working surpasses anything that stops me from doing what I must. I will prevail, this I tell myself.

If I don't write as often, I'm probably redeeming myself from that incident, and I tell you, it will take a lot of redemption.
I took a photo of this ad inside a cab. Sometimes, I take the cab if I don't leave the house early enough.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Second Monthly Report

Everybody must work

I fear that posting here is becoming a monthly affair. W-O-R-K has gotten in the way. I remember two years ago when I took blogging seriously, I had plenty of time. This got me asking, is blogging for people who are less busy? Coinicidentally, the bloggers whom I personally know to be as busy don't seem to produce as many posts as before as well. Bandwagon, huh?

I'd like to look at things positively. People are busy working. A working society is a productive society. However, I feel the downside of being busy. I have missed out on a lot --- 'me' time, movies, get-to-together and other activities that make me feel more human.

Not writing for a month has made my writing rusty, also. I seem to have lost my coherence, but I am ok with it. Sometimes, losing one's lucidity is a good exercise. To talk of non-sense things is to keep my mind balanced.

Dredging Operations
We've been talking of issues of global concern at work; substantive work seems to squeeze every single neuron out of my body.  I need my dose of trivial things like showbiz, gossips, and jeepney rides which, apparently, I don't run out of.

I was waiting for an FX on my way home one tiring afternoon. "Kuya, may dumadaan ba ng bus pa-Silang dito?" a gay guy asked.

"Ay, oo. Meron yan, hintay ka lang," the approachable tie-wearing Commuter replied.

"Pauwi na kasi ako; ikaw,  saan ka umuuwi?"
Metro Manila Cleaning

I shifted to the un-approachable me, "Sa bahay." Then, I hopped on the FX that stopped in front of me.

I could help but smile on my way home. Commuter has appeal pa pala. Long sleeves and tie probably did it.