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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Amazing (South) India Part 2

I was not supposed to write a part 2, but I owe myself a digital memory of this first official trip, doing not-so-official things.

As we head back to the hotel after a productive meeting, I transformed to the curious person that I should be. I had to take the window seat and observe India from the shuttle ride back to the hotel. I can't help but take a photo of the train tracks. The train system is important to India, which I will learn later on helped so much in the spread of economic progress and even democratic ideals. I am not quite sure if Gandhi made it to Kerala via the railroad upon his return from South Africa; I am sure, however, that he's had a lasting mark even in this south Indian state.

 The next day, our host government took us to the Backwaters of Kerala; it's supposed to be the Venice of the South. We took this cruise boat.

Kerala's famous boathouse

 On my last day, I did some shopping. I really wanted to take an auto rickshaw to the city center...
 but took this instead:

An Ambassador, the driver said.
 Taking the cab was a good idea because the driver instantly became my tourist guide. He told me that people sitting on the tracks (picture above) were waiting for a Political Party meeting to commence. I found this interesting.
Another view from the car

 The driver also told me that most places in India have an MG Road, which is short for Mahatma Gandhi Road. The same is for Filipinos for we have a Rizal Street or Rizal Avenue in most of the Philippine provinces I have come to visit.

I took a photo of the hotel before we head to the airport. I wonder when I will return to a place like this again.
 This was the car that took us to the airport. See the flag? We had police escorts on our way also.

In familiar territory. Back in the Philippines!!!