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Friday, February 17, 2012

Not a post-Valentine's Day Post

In as much as I want to believe that being busy is not an excuse for not writing, I just simply can't.

Real work has happened since January 31, hence, my lack of my post. I get home late, and weekends are not meant for doing things that require computers and thinking. 

Oh well, today is something else. After three weeks of actual work, I finally found time to start a new post. This is not going to be anything special; it's just whatever I could think of given this brief period of blogging.

The weeks that passed came so fast, and the days that came with it looked like any other day; there was nothing spectacular to talk about. However, one early Valentine's Day morning, I saw  this. I took my phone out and snapped this photo:

I was starting to come up with stories on this particular picture.

A girl gets a surprise as she wakes up in a room full of red and white balloons from her boyfriend. She cries as her boyfriend emerges from the pile of balloons and embraces her. The boy unlocks her arms and pulls a small box of chocolates from his pocket. 

It's a newly widowed woman's birthday, her first birthday without her husband of 41 years. Her two boys thought of surprising her. She's still in mourning. Maybe a surprise like what their dad did would cheer her up.

Nah, for all we know, those two guys on a bike would just want to pop some balloons.