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Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Post

My dear friend Paul asked me if I could go with him to Ateneo. Being the true-blooded Lasallian that he is, he did not wish to dwell in the enemy’s place by himself. I was just too happy to oblige. Besides, he was to treat me out for lunch and fare! I couldn’t complain. Hehe. In fact, he was doing me a favor. I needed to see big concrete walls and inhale pollution as I had lately been a prisoner of my 30-square-meter mansion.
I have gone to Ateneo from Paranaque before. So, Ateneo is not exactly an unchartered territory.  I thought I was going to be a helpful travel mate. We were to meet at Robinson’s Galleria in Ortigas at 9 in the morning, an hour before the mall opening. Let’s just say he passed through three major thoroughfares  from Cavite, his residence, and the EDSA thoroughfare was one of them, and this was a weekday morning.  Seven years of teaching experience has somewhat taught me patience. So, one hour and a few minutes of waiting was still bearable.  It was a good thing that I was in an area where cellphone signals did not fail me, and where a church was nearby. Church + Cellphone = 1 hour waiting time. Again, I couldn’t complain. Hehe.
I thought we were to take the MRT, but Paul wasn’t a fan of the MRT. Like me, he disliked queuing and crowded trains, but he was the kind with more options: he had taxi money to spare.
Eventually, our trip also consisted of the less-crowded LRT2 train, tricycle  and bus rides until we parted ways. There was nothing spectacular about the commute, really. It was more of the companionship and friendship that he had displayed that made the day bearable and pleasurable albeit the heat and the walk. Days before our meeting, he told me that we could do some catching up like we did before when we were both doing part-time work for the night school years ago. He said that we could make up for lost time as he would be busy in the coming days, and even years.
His mother arrived from the US few days after we met. I am thrilled for him as he is to spend the last days of his secular life with his family before he proceeds to a greater calling away from his folks. He deserves all the time to be with his favorite people. His mother, I suppose, couldn’t ask for anything more.
He added that his mother would be able to witness big transitions in his life as he takes that step closer to religious life. His mother must be very proud and supportive. All mothers are, I think. Pride and support can be seen from our mothers when we show them that we can make sound grown-up decisions in our life.
My mother is no exception. She is finally reading my blog after that “Inquirer Young Blood” article.  She has been showing off the clipped Inquirer article to her friends.
There is no joy greater than honoring your parents. It feels great, I tell you.
This post is in celebration of “Mother’s Day, ” which I intend to celebrate every day of my life. I would also like to extend my mothers’ day greetings to the anyone who has given birth particularly to the mother-readers of this blog ( I only know one: Sheryl Dionio). Hehe. Thank you!

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  1. hahaha. thank you!
    God bless you and Sir Paul!


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