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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Holidays! It's never too late

Christmas 2012 was the first time I was away from any member of my immediate family who were all in Mindanao, except for my OFW brother. I was in Manila, celebrating Noche Buena and Media Noche with my wonderful aunt's family in Paranaque. It was a choice to be away from Mindanao, and I was quite content with this choice. Don't get me wrong; I adore being with my family. For Christmas 2012, I simply wanted to experience being away from them.  The initial plan was to stay alone in my own unit for the Christmas Eve. But, nah, it wouldn't make a happy story to tell friends and colleagues when we see each other once we report to work. So, Tita Mila's it was. Nevertheless, there was a semblance of family, and for that I was thankful. Truly, Christmas is a good time to bring family closer. This brought me to think of the many Filipinos abroad who are away from their families, including my brother who is in a country that doesn't 'do' Christmas. 

The day after Christmas, brother started posting Facebook pictures of his housemates with all their Christmas fare sans the Philippine Christmas staple ham. He and his friends seemed happy. So was I.

We make our own Christmas story, wherever we are, whomever we are with. My story was that of gratitude. There are so many things to be grateful for. Twenty twelve was a blast!

The year that passed has brought me nothing but greater appreciation for life's many blessings.  I have been blessed in every possible way imaginable. I went to this:

THE Taj Mahal

I stopped being credit card dependent.

I bought a four-inch foam for my improved condo unit.

I traveled internationally and domestically.

I made more friends.

I inspired one friend to get her own house.

I work with the most fun and inspiring people.

I was able to buy my nieces nice Chinese dresses.

I reached 10000 hits on my blog! hehe.

I reached the 29th year of my existence.

For all of these, I am grateful. Thank You, Wonderful Giver!