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Monday, April 30, 2012

My Summer so far....

I no longer ignore the twenty-five centavos like I did before. When the jeepney fare hike was implemented over a month ago, the “benchingco” suddenly regained its worth. Recently, the FXs had their share of increase also. There is nothing Juan can do about this but to accept. However, airline companies seem to be on the reverse side of things; seat sales, promos and other forms of discounts lure passengers to take the plane. The advertisements come in such an opportune time as everybody is agog to leave Metro Manila for a change of environment or whatnot. Just about everybody I know has had plans for the summer, but I, on the other hand, intend to stay nearby. 

Let me share some developments in my life that made me choose to stay home. 
The door to my own room, finally!
  1. I finally have my own room! After four years of sharing a studio unit with sister, I now have a room of my own. I paid a price of P30,000 for the priceless prize of privacy. My 30-square-meter unit looks smaller now than before because I had someone build two rooms out of it. But the size does not matter because the four walls shielding my obese body as I put clothes on are worth all the money I poured in. I think sister is as happy as I am because she would not have to hear my snoring every night!
  2. There’s work, of course, which I will not discuss any further because it will just upset me. Hehe.
Despite my choice to stay home, Metro Manila still does offer me reasons to enjoy my  summer, my way. 
My niece, mi sobrina
When my sister graduated from college , my folks came and they brought my niece, Jerica, with them. She had so much fun. She thought Manila was all fun. Imagine, she was able to visit a total of ten major malls in just a week in Manila, and ate everything her index finger beckoned. It was a joy seeing my niece having fun, and it was good having a kid around. 

Easter Sunday mass
Yeah, I did a bit of religious stuff, also, during the holy week. This was taken on Easter Sunday. While my co-volunteer friends, who are my Visita Iglesia companions, went to Bicol, I stayed home. It was a pretty quiet week. But I got bored eventually. So, on April 9, Araw ng Kagitingan, I got myself a Wi-tribe modem.  Now, I'm writing this post at home and will upload this post the moment I am done. I need not wait for my kind neighbor's unsecured Wifi connection.

Aliwan float with Reyna ng Aliwan candidates
I did a bit of cultural experience, as well. It was fascinating to witness the parade, the dances and the performers at the Aliwan Festival. I might just watch again next year. I hope you will, too.

Commonwealth Avenue

When an invitation to a batchmate's daughter's first birthday party came, I just had to say yes. Kiddie parties and free food are always fun! My trip to the party venue has been the longest I have taken so far this summer --- two hours from Sucat to Quezon City! hehe. I was happy I went.

One full month is ahead of me before summer officially ends. There's a lot more work now than before, but I am going to make whatever's remaining to be as fun as all the summers I had.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Airport Movie

My butcher brother who is based in Saudi contacted my sister to tell her that his workmate was coming home and was bringing with him the cellphone that my dear brother got for his wife. Brother wanted my sister to meet the returning OFW at the NAIA Terminal 3 to get the cellphone from him. The flight was in the evening, and I volunteered to accompany sister to the airport so she wouldn't have to go home alone that night.

The instruction was simple. Meeting the guy whose face my sister saw on Facebook as prompted by my brother shouldn't be so difficult. No other detail was given.

We waited at the airport. My sister and I kept an eye on a small bespectacled fat guy as this was the description my brother had given. I gave up looking and instead took my seat on the floor away from the waiting crowd, and observed the people.

We were not alone waiting

This scene made me smile

How awed I was at the scenes that unfolded before my eyes. I was like watching movies. I never thought that arrival scenes depicted in Philippine movies were true. I saw exciting returning OFWs, anxious family members and welcoming friends. Warm embraces, big smiles and excited chatter filled the evening air. It was beautiful.

Domestic and international passengers with their cheerful companions came and went. All international flights that were to arrive at the terminal that night did not have the bespectacled OFW. Needless to say that the cellphone that we were supposed to meet and greet did not arrive that day, and I was fuming mad at my brother for making us go all the way out to the airport late that evening. However, I couldn't not tell him so because texting or calling him would cost a lot more.

But it was a snapshot of the realities that I was beginning to understand especially now that I have an OFW for a brother. The notions of "padala" and "sundo" in the OFW context became clearer and more real to me.

Poor sister waited for close to two hours