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Friday, November 22, 2013

Something new

I am writing this Post in Nigeria, my home for the next few years. I have been here close to a month now, and I must say I welcome anything new. It is exciting to be in this part of the world. It has its challenges, though. But like the adventurous person that I claim to be, I shall make my stay here memorable. I now work at the Philippine Embassy in Nigeria, you see, and the work here has slightly changed how things are compared to what I did back home. For one, I rarely commute. I walk to my office from my present accommodation, and I have a driver. Yes, Commuter now has a driver at his beck and call. hehe. Having a driver and commuting less have a direct effect on this blog. I am contemplating on changing the theme; I am not sure yet. I am still adjusting to work at the Embassy, and I will give more time to blogging once I have adjusted well.

Also, between last post and this one, I turned 30. I have to admit that there were things in my Life Plan  which I expressed in the blog and that I was not able to meet. As simple as taking the train in Manila, I was not able to do. Another is I was not able to get myself a car. Nevertheless, I do not take them, particularly the latter, as failure. There were reasons, of course --- practicality, my departure for Nigeria, and ever-changing priorities.  

I am embracing the decision I made to go to this part of the world. In fact, I am happy I made the decision. My moving to Nigeria will surely be an adventure, and I hope you will still be there as I make them, whether I am on a camel or with mosquitoes buzzing my ear.