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Sunday, May 29, 2016


It has been months or years even, since the last post, and not so many posts for the previous years at that. Initially, it was a conscious effort to stay away from blogging and find my own rhythm in Commuter's then new place before he could  take on the task of blogging again. As some of you may recall, he was living in Nigeria for work . The work brought him to places and adventures he had never dreamed of experiencing; in short, he had loads of materials to write about. However, he cannot seem to put them all in writing. He tried Instagram, too. That did not make him a prolific IG user neither.

Commuter is sure, though, that he missed blogging. The kind of writing he was doing at work was not the creative kind, nor liberating.

Also, Commuter attributes his lack of post to the fact that he was not commuting. You see, Commuter had a car and driver in Nigeria.  He sold the car before his transfer to Spain. Yes, that country. And and that country, he takes public transport, and is happy.

This is the view from my dining area where I write this post. With that view, I am, no doubt, inspired. 

Commuter hopes to have you tag along him in his new adventures in Spain. Ole!

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